La Reine Creole, Bed & Breakfast, Mauritius

The Tamarind Waterfalls – they are absolutely woth to visit ! Surrounded by subtropical plants are these waterfalls the indeed most spectacular ones of the Indian Ocean. Seven stunning cascades in different heights are together more than 200 metres high.

For a visit it is advisable to bring along good hiking shoes and a good sporting condition.

Mauritius has a range of marvellous coral gardens. Most of the beaches have facilities for skin-diving or other sport activities. Especially the waters around Le Morne are home to over a thousand different species of fish and great for divers. The sea inside the reef is also good for snorkeling.

Nestled in the South, only 30 minutes from our place, lies the “La Vanille Crocodile Park“. This farm of Nile crocodiles imported from Madagaskar and local animals found in the wild adds to the attraction. The Restaurant serves snacks, but also specialises in crocodile meat dishes for the gastronomically adventurous.